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100 Tons of Galvanized Angle Iron to Australia

100 Tons of Galvanized Angle Iron to Australia

This shipment of galvanized angle iron was for a regular customer of ours based in Perth, Australia. This customer is a fabricator and orders from us regularly so we work with flexible payment terms such as L/C 90 days.

Other than galvanized angle iron they also buy H-beam and flat bar. The steel is all to be used for large construction projects in Australia.

The order comprised of a mixture of equal and unequal galvanized angles in grade Q345B. The sizes were as follows:

Equal galvanized angle iron: 75x75x8mm in 9m lengths
Unequal galvanizes angle iron: 124x75x6mm in 9m lengths; 150x90x8mm in 7m lengths

To galvanize the angles we first got the black angle iron produced in Tangshan and then transported it to Mrs Wang???s galvanizing plant in Beijing. Click here to see how we make Australian standard galvanized angle iron in Mrs Wang???s plant.

For these two thicknesses of gi angles the required standard specifies that the zinc coating is greater than and no less than 600grams per square meter. To achieve this level of zinc coating the black angle iron is dunked in the 12meter molten zinc bath for three and a half minutes.

Packing 9meter Long Galvanized Angles in 20GP Containers

The goods were shipped out to Australia on 22 February 2023 in four 20GP containers.