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100 Tons of H Beam to Australia

Chinese H Beam Heading for Australia

We source this customer???s H beam from a reliable state mill that often produces H beam made to Australian specifications so we can ensure they receive tight product every time.

A major issue with sourcing section steel from China is ensuring the sizes are close to Australian standards, i.e. nice and tight. There are few Chinese steel suppliers who can ensure thicknesses, widths and webs are spot on.

Because Australia has its own special steel standards it can also sometimes be difficult to find suitable Chinese steel grade comparisons.

Q345B is fortunately very similar to Australian standard G350. This Australian customer has made many orders of Q345B steel and is satisfied with the performance of the steel.

Other than H beam, this particular Australian customer also orders angle iron, galvanized angle iron and flat bar.

H Beam Sizes

These four containers of H beam, totaling 100 tons, were made up of two different sizes:

  1. 200 x 100 x 5.5 x 8mm
  2. 175 x 90 x 5 x 8mm

Payment and Shipment

A Container of H Beam Going from China to Australia

Due to the trusting relationship we have with this customer we worked with TT 100% against B/L copy. The steel beams were shipped out on 8 March 2013.

The H beam will be used for construction purposes.