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100 Tons of Galvalume Steel Coil to Fiji

100 Tons of Galvalume Steel Coil to Fiji

This order of galvalume steel coil was for a regular customer of ours in Fiji. They are a steel distributor and these galvalume coils are for a customer of theirs that makes roofing. These 100 tons were shipped out to Fiji on 15 January 2013.

Galvalume Steel Coil for Roofing

Upon its arrival in Fiji the galvalume steel coil will be processed and made into steel roofing panels. For roofing, it is of course very important that the aluminum zinc level is suitable for outdoor environment where the steel is subjected to plenty of onslaught from the natural elements.

That is why our Fiji customer always orders his galvalume coil with 150grams/sqm alu-zinc coating. Galvalume steel is considered a better option than simply galvanized steel for making roofing because of its increased anti corrosive properties.

This customer ordered a lot of coils from us in 2012 since the Chinese price was quite favorable then.

Other than ensuring the galvalume level is no lower than 150grams/sqm, the other special requirement our Fiji customer has is that the galvalume coil cannot have any minus tolerance, otherwise they would have problems in the pressing and production of the roofing.

More About the Order

The full 100 tons was all made up of one size: 0.4mm x 940mm x C. The steel grade was ASTM A792 G550, anti-finger print and regular spangle.

We make sure his product is top notch by sourcing it from a top state mill that does not compromise on quality. Ordering this type of product from a private mill would never be recommended since many private mills will compromise on both the aluzinc coating and the thickness tolerances.

If you are in need of galvalume steel coil please contact our sales team!