H Beam

H Beam is developed and optimized from I beam to create an economical profiled steel with better mechanical capabilities. The web plates and flanges are in the plumb, with the inner flange running parallel to the outer one. Its flanges are very straight and the edges clear, especially named by the similarity to the letter “H”.
H Beam H Beam H Beam

H Beam is one of the many Steel Beams we supply. Get the latest Steel Prices for H Beam via our Quick Quote page. We supply H Beam from top quality Steel Beams mills. You can check our cooperating mills on the Steel Mills page. TIP - Buying boron added H Beam will save you money. Go to the Cost Saving Options page to find out more.

Typical size range:

100*100 – 900*300

6m – 12m Long

Available specifications:


JIS G3101

Steel grades:SS400, SM490A/B, Q235, Q345
Steel Mills:

Guoyang Steel


Shenheng Steel

Xincheng Steel

H Beam is a cross-sectional shape of the H-section steel, and is widely appreciated for its rectangular arrangement of its various parts of the H-beam. H-beam can be used in all sorts of applications with a good bending ability and simple construction, saving cost with its excellent structure and light-weight characteristics. H Beam is often used in large buildings (such as factories, high-rise buildings, etc.), as well as bridges, ships, hoisting and transport machinery, equipment foundation, stents, and foundation pile, etc. You can contact us to get more information on this Chinese steel.

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