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Welcome to the Steel From China Blog!

Hooray and welcome to the brand new Steel From China Blog ??? an exciting addition to our website for 2013 and beyond! was originally made in January 2012 to give you a more transparent insight into our company, Sunspeed Group and to also make us easier to find on the worldwide web. Since 2012 we’ve received hundreds of inquiries from all over the world and have made some excellent partnerships which we are very grateful for.

From our visitors / customer feedback we realise you want more than steel prices and shipment photos, so this blog is here to do just that!

We want to show you how truly dedicated we are to giving you the best service and best quality steel consistently. So expect this blog to take our relationship with you, our customer, that one step further so you can really get to know us and decide for yourself if we are the right choice for you.

We???re going to pack this blog full of shipment reports, exciting company news, deeper product information and insightful articles about China???s steel industry. There’s a wealth of experience amongst our team and we hope to tap into that to give you some really gritty “on the ground” know how about how things operate in China.

If you’ve signed up for our weekly steel price updates then you’ll also benefit from blog post updates so you can keep up-to-date with our company’s daily business.

Because we???ll be writing a few articles about the steel industry, we welcome your suggestions if you’d like us to explore a topic you are particularly interested to know more about. We are very flexible in terms of topics, so we would be more than happy to investigate any issue our readers may find interesting. Likewise, we look forward to your contributions via our comments section!