Galvanized Angle Iron

Galvanized Angle Iron is ideal for outdoor use in exposed environments. As well as protecting structures from corrosion galvanized angle iron provides extra strength and stability.
Galvanized Angle Iron Galvanized Angle Iron Galvanized Angle Iron
We cooperate with a world class galvanizing plant that galvanized numerous pieces for Beijing’s Olympic birds nest stadium. The galvanizing plant is only a 30 minute drive from our head office in Beijing and can meet AS/NZS 4680:2006 standards for hot-dip galvanized (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles as shown in the table below.
Article Thickness
Local coating thickness minimum
Average coating thickness minimum
Average coating mass minimum
≤1.5 35 45 320
>1.5 ≤3 45 55 390
>3 ≤6 55 70 500
>6 70 85 600
NOTE: 1 g/m² coating mass = 0.14μm coating thickness.

Feel free to browse the shipment photos (to the right) of the galvanized angle iron we exported to Australia in July 2012. These galvanized equal angles were 75 x 75 x 8mm. We tested one of the bundles (pictured below) at 6 different points along the length. The six separate readings were as follows: 76.4μm; 80.2μm; 105μm; 115μm; 129μm; 130μm. This averaged out at 105.9μm, thus making the average zinc coating mass of this bundle: 756g/m² (comfortably meeting the requirements for AS/NZS 4680:2006).

Visit us in Beijing and we’ll give you a tour of the galvanizing plant. The plant has two production lines with one nine meter zinc bath and one twelve meter zinc bath. Here are some photos of our Australian customer’s nine meter unequal angles going through the galvanizing process:

Following its arrival in the galvanizing plant, the prime black angle iron is first rinsed and pickled in 10% hydrochloric acid to remove scale, rust and other surface oxides. It is then rinsed in a hot zinc ammonium chloride pre-flux solution to condition the steel surface to facilitate the reaction between the steel and molten zinc.

After the pre-flux has dried on the steel’s surface the conditioned black angle iron is plunged into the molten zinc bath and remains immersed for over three and a half minutes (Temperature 455ºC) to meet the crucial requirements of AS/NZS 4680:2006.

Workers make their way down the length of the bath scooping the dregs off the surface of the molten zinc.

The angles are removed from the bath and swiftly moved over to the cooling bath.

The galvanized angles are plunged very briefly into a bath of water to cool down post galvanization.

A few seconds later, the angles are quenched in a weak sodium dichromate solution that continues the cooling process and applies a low level of chromate passivation to the galvanized coating’s surface.

Here’s a reading we took off the surface immediately after quenching.

The final product.

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Galvanized equal angles typical size range:

20 x 20 – 200 x 200

3mm – 25mm Thick

6m – 13m Long

Galvanized unequal angles typical size range:

90 x 75 – 150 x 100

3mm – 25mm Thick

6m – 13m Long

Zinc coating:200 – 800g/sqm
Steel grades:S235JR, S355JR, Q235, Q345
Steel Mills:

Guoyang Steel ce

Masteel ce

Shenda Steel

Shengcai Steel

Shenheng Steel

Xincheng Steel

Yue Feng Steel

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