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Getting Most Comprehensive Steel Information
18 March 2023 23:11

The steel industry has hundreds of years history all over the world, following the quick development of high-tech, steel divided into all kinds of styles to satisfy different demands for all sorts of industries. China Steel suppliers and other countries' steel suppliers have formed a relatively mature industry chain. In the below we will provide you with some popular steel information to help you learn more about the latest steel products.


Firstly, we recommend you to know angle iron better. Commonly, angle iron is known to have both sides perpendicular to each other into a corner of the bar of steel. Angle iron consists of equal angles and unequal angles. According to the varying structural needs, angle iron can composed of a variety of different force components and also can be used for connections between the components. Certainly, angle iron is widely used in different building structures and engineering structures such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, hoisting and conveying machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container frames and warehouse shelves. In addition, angle iron belongs to a simple section of carbon structural steel, which is mainly used for metal components and framework of the plant.


Secondly, there is a type of section steel that is used vastly - steel channel, which is a cross-section of the groove-shaped strip of steel. According to different categories, steel channels divided into different styles, for example, via the different shape, it can be divided into four kinds: Cold equilateral channel, ranging from cold-formed side channel, cold-formed Lipped Channels and cold-formed outer edge channel. The applications of steel channels are many, but it is generally used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, especially in conjunction with h beam.


Thirdly, Prepainted Steel is a special steel which is made from cold rolled steel and galvanized steel with surface chemical treatment after coating or composite organic film, then bake curing. Therefore, prepainted steel not only owns the performance of steel material high mechanical strength and easy to shape, it also has good decorative coating materials and corrosion resistance. It is respected as one of the world's new materials of today new and is being more and more widely used. Usually, prepainted steel is used in building, appliances, electrical and mechanical transport, indoor decoration, office furniture and other industries.


Finally there is ERW Pipe (Electric Resistance Welding), which is made differently from ordinary pipe welding process and ERW pipe is made ​​by the parent material of the strip body melting, giving it more mechanical strength than the average pipe. Usually, electric resistance welding has high production efficiency, low cost, saves material, easy automation features and is widely used in various industrial sectors of the aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics and automotive sectors, so is indeed an important welding process. ERW Pipe is also used to transport oil and natural gas to meet the high and low voltage requirements of the conveying pipe in the world sector accounts for a pivotal position.


From the above related steel product instructions we can know that the steel industry plays an important role in the whole development of industry. Although, now steel prices have a great difference from before, the quality of steel is getting better and all sorts of special steel products can satisfy the wider range of demand.
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