Cost Saving Options

Adding boron

By adding boron we can achieve a 9 to 13% tax rebate for a number of products, which makes huge differences on the price we can offer you with savings of up to 100 USD/MT.

Boron can be added to Flat Bar, Angle Iron, Steel Channel,H Beam and Hot Rolled Steel Plate. For Steel Sections it is possible to add boron to all thicknesses above 3mm and will not hinder the steel's mechanical properties, as long as it is a low tensile strength grade such as S235JR.

We rarely consider adding boron to grades of a higher tensile strength such as S355JR, because due to the fact this material is already very hard, adding boron could jeopardise the mechanical properties making it brittle and easy to crack.

Painting Plate

Painting plate is worth considering for grade S355JR or similar (when boron cannot be added). Our previous customers have welcomed painted plate as an option because we could:

a) Provide a highly competitive price (due to a 13% tax rebate).

b) The plate is produced from one of the top State mills in China: Tan Shan Iron & Steel Group.

Despite the fact the plate was painted, buyers were not deterred and were happy to receive excellent quality product at a cheaper price.

Other price saving options to think about:

- Can you accept 5.8m pipe lengths instead of 6m lengths? This will save you a lot of money on freight costs because you can fill a 20GP container with 5.8m lengths, but you can only pack 6m lengths in a 40GP, filling only half the space.

- Using private mills instead of State owned mills.

- Buying pre-cut sheet instead of coil, cut your Square Tube to the size needed for your fence posts: China's processing costs are very cheap and could save your company money on your domestic country's processing fees.

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