Sourcing Practice

Our steel resources stretch far and wide with an abundance of Steel Mills we have enjoyed working with since our inception in 2002.

With the sturdy Hot Rolled Steel Plate of Tianjin Iron & Steel's fiery bellows, the unrivalled Galvanized Steel from Bao Steel's zinc 275g production lines, the sparkling aluzinc sheet from LY steel, the CE stamped IPE from Guoyang and the world stretching pipe from Feilong Steel Pipe mill, we have a foundation of quality that echoes through our entire portfolio of cooperating mills.

By maintaining business with both state and privately owned mills we strive to offer you a variety of choices in order to get the right product and right price for you.

As we're based in Beijing, the majority of our resources exist in China's northern provinces that are only a stones throw away. By predominantly sourcing from the north we are able to constantly visit our producing mills, inspect goods at our convenience and easily follow goods from their production to Tianjin Port. It also ensures our visiting customers can check their producing mills both efficiently and pleasurably.

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