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Australian Demand for High Quality Mild Steel Products
02 February 2023 22:39

Article by Vivi Liu
[email protected]

After about a year of studying and exploring the Australian steel market, I have the following experiences to share : 

1.     Australia is a very big market, with demands for all types of Mild Steel Products. Steel buyers put a strong emphasis on quality and the importance that steel grades from China are as close as possible or indeed exactly the same as Australian steel designations. The most popular Steel Products needed by the Australian market include: Square Tube, Seamless Pipes, Hot Rolled Steel Plate and Galvanized Steel.

2.     Most of the end-users prefer to buy from middlemen or traders. End-users do not necessarily want the hassle or risk of importing Steel Products from overseas themselves, even if the cost is much lower. This is why I tend to spend more time and effort pursuing business with steel trading companies in Australia, as they are ten times more likely to do business with us than end-users.

3.     Steel traders in Australia will get regular quotations from mills for a full size range of Steel Products every month. After that, they will send the list of Steel Prices to their customers, who’ll then select some they think are suitable on the market. This method of procurement seems commonplace in Australia and most of my customers request a price list of the Steel Products they need to be updated and sent out each month.

4.     The customers in Australia care more about the quality of Steel Products than the price, which is much more different from our Middle Eastern customers for example. Australian customers will always make a full investigation of the steel mill first to make sure they can get top quality Steel Products. Of course, price is also a very important factor, that will never be ignored.

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