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Galvanized Steel Coils - Making a Fast Delivery Time
02 February 2023 22:37

Article by Win Fu
[email protected]

It is very important to deliver Galvanized Steel Coils on time.

One of my customers told me this story before:

They signed a PO with another steel supplier and sent the deposit. The delivery time requirement indicated in the contract was “delivery within 30 days after the date of receiving the deposit”. But the supplier didn’t ship the Galvanized Steel Coils on time. They gave a very unreasonable excuse that the price of raw material had risen and they had to delay purchase, thus delaying delivery. Because of this increased delivery time, the customer naturally lost considerable time and money, as the customer was a trading company and would not get paid by the end user until the Galvanized Steel Coils were successfully delivered.

It would seem that the customer could have avoided this issue if they had found a professional supplier from the beginning, which is why I would now like to share some experience with everyone for how to choose your Galvanized Steel Coil suppliers:

1.    Choose a supplier that is a specialized export enterprise or international department. Suppliers who have dealt with exporting Galvanized Steel Coils for many years have much valuable experience. They know the whole trading process like the back of their hand and can easily resolve the complex problems that will often remain unnoticed by inexperienced suppliers and can lead to costly delays. With a professional supplier you’ll find that discrepancy occurs infrequently on their shipping documents and they will help clients to nationalize the products very easily. Also, professional suppliers will help you to save cost by transportation and will be accurate in their timing everything to catch a tardy ship.

2.    Sellers must be completely professional and knowledgeable about the products they supply. Professional suppliers of Galvanized Steel Coils will help you control potential risks caused by quality issues. Decent suppliers will know what kinds of Galvanized Steel Coils can meet the final use and will supply qualified products with the right chemical composition and mechanical properties. Also, they’ll be familiar with the national supply chain and can easily find good quality Galvanized Steel Coils with more favorable prices. Moreover, they can confirm you the exact production and delivery time very quickly for both regular and non-regular products. In this case, customers will be very confident in their supplier’s ability and don’t need to worry about the products.

3.    Professional suppliers must be clear about the international steel market and supply suitable Galvanized Steel Coils with favorable prices, meeting the customer’s strict demands. Most of the China Steel Suppliers out here who do business only depend on the price differences between China and overseas, never actually taking the time to research the national and international market, so they can’t give their customers much valuable price info and insight into the products the customer needs. From the beginning of 2011, Galvanized Steel Prices changed very frequently and caused many problems for exporters, with postponed delivery times, price hikes and even signed contracts that had to be evoked. But for professional, creditworthy exporters, like Sunspeed Group, we maintain our promise to our customers once a contract is signed and have the experience and foresight to avoid problems that to other suppliers would create delays in delivery time of Galvanized Steel Coils. We believe that good reputation through dedication to serving our customers is far more important than short-term profits.

Hopefully this small case will inspire you and you can avoid loss in the future.

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