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Thailand Flooding Creates Huge Steel Demand
01 February 2023 20:41

Article by Richard Marriott
[email protected]

Following Thailand’s worst flooding in almost 60 years, with an estimated USD45 billion in damage by the World Bank, the demand for Steel Products in Thailand has increased dramatically. Where great historical sights are now more frequented by Monitor Lizards, Water Fowl and Stray Dogs than by tourists, it is quite apparent that many of the country’s fortresses, monasteries, commercial buildings and domestic housing will need a serious face lift.

As flood waters recede, some experts are proposing an even more radical change to prevent similar disasters in the future, which could mean a serious demand for Structural Steel and general water resistant Steel Products such as Galvanized Steel and Galvalume Steel, already a regular component of many structures in Thailand.

In the coming weeks,experts will assess the full scale of the damage and determine what will be needed to revive and protect the city against future flooding.

The country is nonetheless gradually recovering from the significant flood damage with domestic automobile production expected to resume normal operation in April to June 2012 and appliance manufacturers resuming operation in February 2012 or March 2012.

Due to the high amount of damage to housing units, a lot of which Galvanized Steel is an important component, it is no wonder that Chinese Steel Suppliers have experienced a surge of inquiries and contracts with Thailand buyers that need Galvanized Steel for there building effort.

Thailand do have their own domestic mills producing Galvanized Steel, but the domestic Steel Mills simply cannot meet the high demand at present so Galvanized Steel imports from Korea, Japan and China will likely remain high throughout 2012.

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