Steel Article

US Imported 182,000 Tons of Steel from China in March
07 May 2023 02:58

According to US commerce department, America imported 2,920,000 tons of steel in March, 2014. Compared to last month the quantity dropped 2%, to last March, increased 25.2%. From Jan. to Mar. 2014, US import steel accumulated to 8,810,000 tons, up 26.2% than 2013.


From product category, US imports of main steel products increased compared with last March, among which the import growth of cold rolled steel, medium thick plate and wire rod is obvious. While compared with February, the imports of semi-finished products, steel pipe, hot rolled steel and plate dropped.


From the sourcing countries and districts, US imports grew obviously from China,Russia, European Union and India compared with last March. And compared with this February, US imports grew greatly from Russia, Turkey and China.


US imported 182,000 tons of steel from China this March, 13.4% up than February, and 47.8% up than last March. Since US is doing anti-dumping investigation to China’s wire rod, American importers rush to purchase products before the decision. This March, US imported 67,000 tons of wire rods, up to 145,000 tons for the first quarter.

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