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Latest Trends about Steel from China in 2013
10 January 2023 18:47

From an economic development perspective,the fourth quarter of 2012, China's economy has finally emerged tended tostabilize, but the economic stability of the foundation is not strong, isexpected in 2013 or even longer, China's economy will remain stable, comparedwith the fast development momentum. Expected based on the above, it is expectedthat the China steel will enter a stage of total consumption of lowgrowth, the domestic steel market in 2013 will show a slight pricefluctuations, a stable trend of the overall operation, including iron and steelenterprise meager profit situation is difficult to be effective in improving.


The world economy continued weakness resultin international steel prices fall, affecting China's steel imports and exports.

International Steel City, a drop in demanda direct impact on China's steel exports.In 2012, the weak internationaleconomy, international steel trade has shrunk dramatically intensified tradeprotection and trade friction, in October last year, China's exports of billet5.14 million tons, 1-October total exports of 40.84 million tons. November,December remained practically monthly 400 million -500 million tons of exportlevels, and this trend continued until at least the middle of next year. Thisalso shows that within the next two years, the balance between supply anddemand of China's steel market depends mainly on the domestic market, and lookforward to expanding exports to ease the pressure on the domestic market isunrealistic.

On the other hand, from the domestic pointof view, the next time there is still a lot of uncertainties, but overall, interms of domestic demand, the urbanization of the 48 put forward, people'sliving standards improve requirements from the ability of the consumer spendinghabits popularity continue to promote home appliances and consumer conditions,the industry's long-term growth space still exist. From the outside, we need tolook at the international market environment is relatively stable, the recoveryin demand in the United States, Europe stabilized, the Afro-Asian emergingmarket demand remains strong, the demand on the international market willremain basically the trend this year, is expected to export growth is expectedto be flat with last year.

There will be a greater demand from themachinery industry point of view, the special properties of the steel products.The machinery industry demand for steel diversity, both ordinary steel, anotherhigh-value-added special steel. Currently, there is part of the specialproperties of the steel restricting the development of China's machineryindustry, the much-needed iron and steel enterprises in research anddevelopment of these varieties of steel. Such as electrical equipment industry,some transformer oriented silicon steel, power station boiler heat steel,special steel pipe and other specialwelding electrodes for steel and other special steel imports; wear plate(thickness required and if the heavy machinery industry from 30mm ~ 120mm),special welding wire, bearing steel, etc.; Another example is General machinerymanufacturing, material not only has a certain mechanical strength, but alsohave some of the resistance to chemical corrosion, wear and other specialperformance.

Comprehensiveanalysis, expected in 2013 Chinese steel production and apparent consumptionincrease, it will not reach a high level, still low growth, is still the totalconsumption, low-growth stage; 2013 domestic the steel market will show a smallprice fluctuations, the overall running stable trend, including iron and steelenterprise meager profit situation will improve.

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