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The Latest Information About Steel Plate
21 November 2022 02:34

Recently, Baosteel raised the ex-factoryprice . Including hot rolled steel plate, ordinarycold plate prices up 100 yuan / ton, pickling plate, hot galvanized plateprices by 80 yuan / ton, aluminum zinc plate prices by 120 yuan / ton,non-oriented electrical steel prices by 50 yuan / ton to 150 yuan / ton.Upward, the conventional specifications 1.0mm × 1250mm cold rolled coils (SPCC)listed price of 4356 yuan / ton (excluding tax, the same below), 5.5mm x 1500mm(SS400) table columns of hot rolled coil price 4062 yuan / ton, 3.0mm × 1250mm(SPHC) hot rolled coil listed price of 4312 yuan / ton. This is Baosteelfollowing raised prices in March, the second time this year to the ex-factoryprice upregulation. Known as Steel City "benchmark," said ex-factoryprice of Baosteel round up, add a lot of confidence to the steel tradingbusiness.

Part of the plate metal traders saidBaosteel round up prices in December expected. The overall increase, led by theex-factory price of Baosteel and other large steel enterprises, the marketsheet plate price during the year will continue steadily.

Recently, the steel plate market performance was significantly stronger thanthe long products, especially the strong market performance of hot-rolled coil.Compared to early September, the national average price of hot-rolled coil hasrisen to 750 yuan / ton, which price rises in October, November, about 300 yuan/ ton. The Baosteel prices up disk appearance, to further promote the spotmarket price to rise. On November 12, the Shanghai market hot-rolled coilprices continued to rise, up 30 yuan / ton to 90 yuan / ton; cold rolledHangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Guangzhou and other market prices are generallyrising.

Steel supply side, this year, the lastremaining more than a month into the maintenance period, a lot of steel mills,plate production rhythm slowed down, no significant increase in production.According to the situation of the steel trading business feedback, recently,the small number of steel hot rolled coil market resources, there are a lot ofhot rolled coil steel mills for nearly two months did not enter the domesticdistribution market, but a large number of for export. The early domestic sheetproducts exports maintained a high level, coupled with the increase in exportsof its deep processing varieties, and to some extent alleviate the pressure onthe supply of the domestic market. Nowadays, the hot rolled coil market in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other availableresources generally tight, some even serious shortage, businesses offersubstantial pull-up. According to the survey, in November, the major domesticsteel hot-rolled coil plan to invest the amount of commodities to 800 milliontons, cold rolled coil plan to invest the amount of commodities to 16.05million tons, essentially flat with October. This helps ease the contradictionbetween supply and demand, and stabilize the market price. In short, thecurrent sheet resources scarce, there is not enough resources to supplementand, in a certain period of time, in the case of rigid demand did notsignificantly reduce the prices may also continue upward.

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