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Top 5 Steel Products From China
07 October 2022 22:57

Affected by the relationship between supplyand demand, the steel prices always present fluctuation trends. Especially, intoday's economic instability period, the price of steel shows more performanceout of a lot of variables. China is a big country of the world's steelproduction and consumption, the situation of China Steel will havea big affect on world’s steel products and steel prices. The below will givesome useful guide about top 5 steel products from China, It will help you tobetter predict the status quo of China's steel.

Angle Iron

Angle iron is a special angle steel, according to its features, the using ofangle iron is very extensive. For example, it can be widely used in buildingstructures and engineering structures. If you want to build a factory, build anew bridge, especially, construction of transmission towers, the angle ironplays so important role. In general, the angle steel can be divided into equalangles and unequal angles, which they have a wide range of uses.

Galvanized Steel Coil

We all know that galvanizedsteel coil has a great consumption in the world. Firstly, because steelcoil is rendered as roll, it is so conveniently for storage and transportation.From a processing standpoint, the coil can easily perform various processing,such as it can be processed into a plate, strip, etc. Of course, galvanized steelcoil, which has better performances than general coil, can be used withhigh-level requirements field, like shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing,made ​​the trains, the rail, a house built of reinforced-made steel bridge,etc.

Cold rolled coil

Comparing to hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil has superior mechanical properties, like cold rolled coil is more precisethickness, and the surface is smooth and beautiful. Because Cold rolled steelis steel after cold rolling production, original volume is relatively brittleand hard, and is not suitable for processing, usually cold rolled steelrequirements before you can use after after annealing, pickling and smoothsurface.

Galvanized steel sheet

The steel sheet is a plate-shaped steel, thekind of steel sheet is so many, With the development of science and technologyand industrial materials, steel sheet put forward higher requirements, higherstrength, resistance to high temperature, high pressure, low temperatureresistance, corrosion resistance, wear and tear, as well as other specialphysical and chemical properties of the request, and so on. Especially, galvanized steelsheet has much better performances, now more and more fields begin touse it.

ERW pipe

ERW pipe is shorten from Electric Resistance Welding, this pipe plays a veryimportant role in steel pipe of the world. Overall speaking, ERW Pipe can beused as agricultural irrigation, urban construction, and for the transport ofliquids: water supply and drainage. For gas delivery with: gas, steam,liquefied petroleum gas. Used for structure: for piling pipe for bridges;piers, roads, buildings, structures with tubes. Especially, ERW pipe can beused to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor-liquid objects, to meet thehigh requirements of low pressure, occupies a pivotal position in the field ofconveyor tube in the world.

Generally speaking, the above several steelproducts has a very wide using area, owing to different demand, we can choosethe proper steel products, comparing to other counties steel, China steel has agreater advantage, specially, the steel prices can be proper.

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