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Roofing solution with corrugated galvanized iron sheets

Construction of a building is incomplete without the roof. Roof protects the inmates of the house from harsh weather condition outside. Moreover, the roof has other purposes also like holding the generator, mobile towers, solar panels, etc. Therefore the roof needs to be very strong and must be able to handle the load of all such things. Apart from simple flat roofs, many constructions have different shapes of rules like dome-shaped and triangular. Designing these types of roofs with both design and strength requires high quality roofing materials and expertise. There are many options of materials used for roofing, however, for some specific purposes, steel roofing is used widely. Steel roofing is done by steel structures which are in the shape of sheets which is fixed in the construction through screws. Steel roofing is durable and strong which is the reason being they being used in various industrial and domestic establishments. Corrugated roofing is done by corrugated galvanized steel which is also called CGI. It is a building material that is produced with the help of hot-dip galvanized sheets made of mild-sheet. These sheets are cold-rolled, producing a corrugated pattern in the sheets. The process of corrugations makes the steel capable of bending without breaking. The corrugated steel sheets are used as a roofing material for various types of constructions and is also a very cost-effective solution.

  • Corrugated steel is very strong as its bending ability perpendicular to the direction of the corrugation is very high.
  • These roofing materials are versatile and can be used at various places.
  • As it is made of galvanized steel, they are rust proof and provide a long term roofing solution.

Corrugated mild steel sheet for a durable roofing solution

This building material is composed of mild steel sheets which undergo the process of hot-dip galvanization and cold-rolling. The process produces corrugated pattern on the sheets. As the bending strength is increased, the sheets become easy to use and durable. As the sheets are lightweight, they can be transported and installed easily. These sheets find application in rural buildings, car shades, small military establishments. These are also useful in covering a garden shed, patio and other such small construction. As the process of installation is easy, you can do it yourself with a few basic tools. The process of installing corrugated sheets is very easy and can be viewed at various DIY websites. You can also hire professionals for the purpose for a better and less time consuming installation. Make sure they choose the dimension of the sheet wisely as its width gets shortened when it is cold rolled. The advantage of the corrugation is increasing in its bending abilities and strength. Roofing materials are made of mild steel and hence can easily be cut, bent, drilled and welded. The roofing material seldom needs to be welded, however, the option of welding is always there. After the process of corrugation, the sheet is coated with zinc, which can vary in degree. The surface is also treated with chromate, phosphate and oil, which makes it shine brighter and also makes it anti-finger print. The wide application of corrugated roofing material makes it a popular choice for roofing material. It is used irrespective of the country. There are several grades of steel that are used to make these roofing materials. These sheets can withstand harsh weather without being rusted. These sheets not only serve as a roofing material, but can also be used for making gates, partitions, panels, etc. As they are light-weight, transporting them to long distance is not difficult. Places that are prone to persistent rains often have these sheets installed as the effect of rain is minimum on them. Their shiny and glossy finish also makes them attractive when installed in the patio or the garden sheds. They are strong enough to stand the harsh weather conditions.

  • Steel roofing is a good choice of roofing areas that are not meant for living, such as garage, garden sheds, etc.
  • Corrugated roofing is widely used as a steel roofing material as it undergoes the process of cold-rolling and galvanization which makes it stronger and also enhances its capacity to bend in the perpendicular direction of corrugation.
  • Other important advantages of using these materials are that they are light-weight, easy to transport and easy to install.


Is It Better To Use China Steel For Metal Roofing Than Other Materials?

Investing in your home is one of the most important decisions you need to focus on and make sure that you do it right. This does not only include the lot and the entirety of your house, but even the most simple and basic parts of your home. You don’t want your home to always be leaking, so you want to choose the best materials for your pipes and most especially, your roof. There are a lot of roofing materials you can choose from but one of the most preferred is China steel.

There are different kinds of steels to choose from, which can be quite confusing to differentiate. And this is even worse if you don’t have any idea what each kind of steel can benefit you. Here are other types of steel:

  • Stainless steel

Compared to the normal kind of steel, the stainless kind is better since it is less susceptible to rust which means it doesn’t need additional coating. But because of this rare property, it is more expensive compared not only to other types of steel, but to most metal roofing materials in general. It will be the best option for you if you don’t want to do an additional coating task.

Made from the combination of alloyed steel and zinc, this kind of steel is very sturdy especially, if you will take care of it well. And using this type of China steel for your roof is a great option if you want your investment to last.

What Makes Using China Steel Better than Others

In the U.S., most people prefer to use China steel. There are a lot of benefits that using this type of metal roofing can provide you, which is why it was able to build its immense popularity.

 1. Cost-effective than other materials

China steel cost less than most materials that are usedfor roofing. You can choose this for your roofing especially, if your budget is limited and you are only starting up on your home and investment.

 2. Lightweight to Use

Compared to other materials, this is the most lightweight material of all. For instance, a sq. ft. of a tile can weigh 9 lbs. but it only weighs 1.5 lbs. if it is China steel.

 3. Stress-free to Install

This type of steel is very stress-free to install primarily because of how light it weighs. You can do the installment yourself and you wouldn’t need to pay for the service of the experts. You only need to remove the previous China steel installed, clean the surface then install the new one.

 4.Best for Your Safety

This steel is best if your priority is safety primarily because it is fire resistant. With this, you can be assured that your family won’t be in danger in case of fiery accidents.

5. Maintenance Costs Low

6. Lasts longer than Other Metal Roofing Materials

One Big Disadvantage About China Steel

The only disadvantage for the common type of China steel is its vulnerability to corrosion and rusting. While there are those special kinds of steel that are less susceptible than the common one, it is always exposed to rust-causing conditions. But don’t worry, you can do something about them to prevent them from rusting.

Using a special plastic coating on China steel is enough to prevent it from corroding and rusting. You can use a zinc coating combined with a sealant and paint to make the protection more effective.

Other Metal Roofing Materials You Can Try

Metal roofs in general, be it China steel or not, are more durable to use than other roofing materials. They are resistant to most outside factors and don’t easily get dented from impact with different materials like tree limbs and snow. They are also mostly cost-effective than other materials for roofs. Besides from China steel, you can also make use of the following metals.

  • Alloys (for More Specific Protection)

There are different kinds of metal alloys that you could use for roofing, especially, if you have certain aspects you need to focus on, such as the durability or the strength of the roof. One big disadvantage of using alloys though, is that they can be very costly.

  • Aluminum

This kind of metal is less vulnerable to rust which is what makes it alluring for customers. It also requires little attention for maintenance, but you need to coat it to have it look more natural.

  • Copper

Very costly and rare as compared to China steel, this old metal roofing material is now used more as an accent than using it as the dominant roof material.

Is it better to use China steel than other metal materials made for roofs? It is, especially since there are different kinds of steel you can choose from to target your specific needs.