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The Current China Steel Prices and Trend of Steel Industry

Steel Industry Trends are not at all static in this industry and is a very dynamic. The nation that is delivering the greatest measure of steel may not be in the first position in the coming years. Research of the Steel Industry Trends demonstrate that from the period beginning from 1910 till the year 1960, the first position as far as producing the biggest measure of steel in the entire world was caught by United States Of America. In any case, the situation began to change after the nations like Japan and China went to the fore. As indicated by the latest Steel Industry Trends, China is the biggest steel producing country.


The Steel industry in China has formed more than quite a few years into the world greatest. China represented more than 50% of world steel production in 2013. It has driven by quick modernization of its economy, development, infrastructure and manufacturing businesses. China has been producing steel in overabundance of its local interest for quite a long while. Steel that export out from China has come to record highs as a consequence of this overproduction.

Steel Industry Trends additionally demonstrate that a downsizing in the steel business is a typical phenomenon all-round the globe. This phenomenon has emerged because of the way that steel industry has moved from it’s before position of being a labor escalated one to a capital intensive one.

With respect to the worldwide steel industry, China’s steel creation needs to decay considerably more to convey some rational soundness to steel markets. Steel prices over the globe have plunged down as an aftereffect of modest steel streaming out of China.

Due to overcapacity, steel prices in both China and Europe have fallen more than 10% so far this year. China latest steel prices are at their least in over 20 years as interest on the planet’s top producers fades, industry information shows, and a few researchers say the free-fall is way off the mark to an end, debilitating the survival of small steel suppliers. The larger parts of Chinese steel companies are still hesitant to cut production with a specific end goal to keep up cash flow and bank credit.

China’s structurally shifting its economy to cooling-down the waves in the steel industry. Presently, with the economy developing at the slowest pace in six years and demand contracting at home, the excess limit is hitting at critical levels, despite the fact, China’s steel factories have hinted to slowing down production.

Brief Introduction of Galvanized Pipe and ERW Pipe

Steel suppliers always play a role of “bridge” between manufacturer and user. Through sales, steel suppliers get a lot of the latest information and intelligence of users, and give feedback to the steel mills at the same time, meanwhile, steel mills can also adjust the production plan and categories to meet market demands better .And customers can also learn information about technology industry and market trends through dealing with steel suppliers .As a supplier, I’ll give you a brief introduction of galvanized pipe and ERW pipe today.

Galvanized pipe has two development phases, the cold galvanized pipe and hot dip galvanized pipe. Due to the requirements of environmental protection, cold galvanized pipe has been forbidden. What we use is mainly hot dip galvanized pipe. Zinc is known as the “skin” of steel, galvanized processing cut off the contact between air and steel pipe, so under the circumstance of anaerobic, steel is not rusty, and extends the service life of steel pipe largely. Besides, Zinc oxide is more intensive to prevent further oxidation. If you keep an eye on surrounding, galvanized steel pipe is used as water pipe and gas pipe, not only for the sake of safety, but also the convenience for construction. Practical application shows that the use of galvanized steel pipe reduce the water and gas waste, since the galvanization steel tube is not easy to broke and cause water and gas leak. Galvanized steel pipe can also be used in petroleum industry; it is very sensitive in the field of detecting oil, because the anti-interference function of zinc coating is very strong. A lot of heating pipes take galvanized pipes as materials. Of course, in the respects of machinery, coal, chemical industry, automobile industry, highway, container, and agricultural machinery manufacturing, galvanized steel pipe can often be seen .At the end, for the daily life, here is a little cleaning tips, do washing off rust with dilute hydrochloric acid.

ERW pipe (Electrical Resistance welding pipe) is a welding way that by taking the electrode pressure after the work piece combination to generate heat through touching with the surface and close region of work piece, with the characteristics of high efficiency, low cost, material saving , easy automation, etc. It is widely used in water supply and drainage engineering, petroleum engineering. It also can be used as pile pipe, structural pipe in the field of bridge, docks, roads, building, etc. With the development of aerospace electronics, automobile, household electrical appliances, ERW pipes are increasingly widely noted.

Above are what we mainly introduced today. Steel pipes are with numerous categories, and it may be difficult to understand all of them. But never mind, our sales team will be patient enough to help you. So contact us if you have any questions.